Wii Workout

I am feeling very proud of my self and a little less worried about getting back into my exercise, as I have just completed my first Wii workout to get my knee back into shape and ready for walking then eventually running again.
The Wii is great for small classes specific to certain muscle groups or body area goals such as back or tummy exercises, so this was the first port of call to help put this injury into the past.
I started off with building a recovery exercise program, sorting the best exercises that would start me back into things easily and not to much strain yet, still build the muscles. My program started with a six minute warm up class consisting of the 'Warrior' yoga pose, Wii birds eye bulls eye and the 'Downward Facing Dog' yoga pose. This burnt off fifteen calories. My next class was a legs and hip class that consisted of an aerobic step class, the 'Chair' yoga pose and then fifteen rowing squats. This added a further six minutes to my program and also burnt another fifteen calories. Finally I concentrated on my Wii routine that was going to take twenty five minutes to complete but would also burn off ninety one calories and this class would consist of a selection of yoga poses, muscle stretches and balancing exercises.
After doing the class I could see from my results that in my period of injury I had shifted my body balance considerably over to my left side and I guess to be expected, my goal now was to get that body balance slap bang in the centre and also to build and strengthen the affected muscle groups that would stop me from re-injuring myself and if I lost some weight in the process that would be an added bonus, I have noticed that my BMI has gone down so that is a good start.