Here Comes The Rain

The UK is not best known for its good weather, if anything it is more known for its bad weather. Normally just before Christmas arrives her in the UK we get a flurry of snow and ice and other cold blustery winds, but this year we had heavy rains, rains that did not let up and that caused across the country flooding.
Some streams became rivers, rivers overflowed and became lakes and anywhere that water could flow to or through, it did.
For most, Christmas eve is all about doing the last minute things just before everything shuts down for the holiday period.
The property that I am currently living in has had problems for a few years now and the lack of maintenance from the housing association has shown and has added to its dilapidation, so much so the building has subsided and caused a few more problems, one of them being that cracks and entry points that water can get into.
This year Christmas was eventful but for all the wrong reasons, the heavy rain made its way in through the cracks in the wall and what should of been a relaxing few days turned into hours of mopping up water, wringing out towels and emptying buckets.

Obviously emergency services were stretched to breaking point due to the bad weather and the fact it fell right on top of the holiday period did not help, but Hyde Housing association took four days to come out to an emergency call out, one word; Negligence.