Brighton In The Rain

After and eventful day at Warner Bros Studio Tour what better way to end the week than with a trip to the coast.
Despite the good ole British weather, yes you guessed it, rain, it did not stop Harrison and I having a day out in Brighton.
After taking the back roads into Kemptown as I used to when visiting David.  One of the good things about knowing someone who lived in Brighton meant I knew all the cheap places to park and way into town that meant I was not forever stuck in traffic.
After finding the ideal parking spot we had a ten minute walk into town through the top of St James street but that was great as we could stop off for a bite to eat and a hot drink at one of the friendliest gay coffee shops in Brighton, Cafe Rococo. 


Every trip to Brighton I have visited this cafe and each and every time is has been consistently clean, friendly and value for money, overall a clear winner for a stop off for a snack and hot drink and with Harrison’s craving for a sausage sandwich and hot chocolate this was ideal, you can eat, drink and people watch and generally watch the world go by here.

2015-04-28 11.59.09 1

It was to be Harrison’s first trip to Brighton and no trip would not be complete without a trip down to the North lanes and into one of the treasure troves known as Snooper Paradise. This flea market has everything from taking you on a trip down memory lane, to stepping you back into something vintage and is really a trip to Brighton all of its very own. The vast array on offer covers more than just the ground floor, what many do not know is there is a attic filled with vintage goodies and a day trip just to this shop will have you looking for hours. I knew that a trip here Harrison would come across something to add to his collection and low and behold he found something.
After a few hours rummaging we worked up an appetite and we headed to the theatre district of Brighton for a bite to eat at Yo Sushi!


I was going to order some Yo Sushi deserts but it seemed to be the only thing that had not updated on their menus so what better way to let our dinner go down was to take a walk down to Brighton pier and have something sweet to eat there in the way of fresh hot doughnuts covered in sugar and cinnamon.
I warned Harrison that it would be best to eat the doughnuts before entering the pier as those flying rats, seagulls, would have no fear in swooping down and grabbing a doughnut right out of your hand, I’ve seen it happen before and heard many a kid burst into tears when it does happen, thankfully no kids today and also a warning meant we got to eat them and not the birds.

Haribo gru

We had not long finished eating those hot doughnuts when the heavens opened up and decided to give us another downpour so we headed to the arcades for some fun on the 2p machines, knowing full well we would spend, win and then lose it all again but in the process have some fun.
The rain did not last for long and a walk down to the end of the pier past the closed rides was a nice change and also burnt off the doughnuts we had scoffed. 
By the time we had walked to the far and of the pier and back again it started to get dark and so we thought it best we head back to the car and finish the night off with a drink and some sweet treats at Cafe Rouge down by the marina before finally heading home.

cafe rouge Haribo