Got My 5s


I know previously I blogged about not buying and iPhone 5s but after playing with one in-store and the realisation that the iPhone 6 would not be out until at least December 2014 it was a bit to long to wait for a new phone, I was also not going to get stuck in the rut of buying from my network provider and being locked into a 24 month contract again, just so I could have the latest phone and also to do that I would be subjected to a monthly bill of the of £47 at least, an increase to my contract and being that my provider was not really doing a good job of providing it worked to be the money saving object even if it did mean spending money. Buying a sim free phone did mean I could decide who I wanted to get my mobile service from, to the point that I could change as often as I liked till I got the service that is expected of mobile providers today.