Since owning a iMac my workflow and productivity has greatly increased and this is due to the fact that Apple once again strive forward on being king of interfaces. What they do just works, do not ask me how, it just does. Even when you take a step back and look at it from a distance some applications structures and keyboard shortcuts just do not seem logical. It is not until you start to use their products that you realise things fit together and I have noticed there is an element of wit entangled into most things. Apples little rewards disguised as easter eggs, take for example ‘Aperture3’, if you look at the menu bar and locate to view> main viewer you will see that Apple thinks you are hot for discovering a how to use the viewing system within aperture.


It is weird how you do not really get a manual on how to use Apple products, you just instinctively know how to use them fresh from out of the box. I have learnt that over the few months in owning my array of Apple products that information, tips and tricks are very readily available and some times at a cost. Plenty of publications, be it books or monthly magazines are available but I have got to say that the best one on the market has got to be Mac|Life.

MacLife-logo_for web

If you are lucky to own an iPad and happy not to have all the bumf that you get with shop bought magazines then I would highly recommend subscribing to Mac|Life via Apples Newsstand. I do this for three reasons, 1) I am doing my bit for the environment, no trees went into making my copy of Mac|Life, 2) I do not have the clutter of read magazines laying about when I have finished reading them and if I want to re-read them I can download again from my account and finally 3) The cost. If you want a single issue it will set you back £3.99 but if you want it every month under a rolling subscription then it costs just 69p and your only other outlay would be special issues that have always been outside of any subscriptions. All in all what a deal and I am getting so much information out of them, be it fun facts or useful workflow tips and short cuts.