Down To The Pins

As much I liked the design of the Mophie juice pack I had to return my case for a refund as there was one distinct design fault that let this case down. The case was designed that the joining of the two parts of the case was at the bottom of the phone inline with the lightning connector, as usual you take the case apart and slide your phone in, then join the two parts together. Most cases of this nature have the joining at the top of the phone so as not to interfere with the charging area, this is where the design fault is on the Mophie.
In order to connect battery pack and phone there needs to be a joining connector, a circuit connection, most cases do not need this as the phone slides in from the top but as the Mophie is different in design, it needs some form of connection.
At some point you do need to remove your phone from its case and doing this with the Morphie will be its downfall. You see there are two pins in the removable lower part of the case that connect to two receivers in the top part of the case, it only takes for the pins to come unaligned or the connectors to be pushed to far back into the case housing and then you get what I got, no connection and no charge.
Sorry Mophie your cases are nice to look at and are sturdy but the design is the letdown and ultimately in a case that you are paying nearly £90 you would have thought it to be more durable and without flaws.