Mint Tea

What could be better to help your tummy settle than a nice glass of mint tea?
Well, what could be better, would be mint tea made from a fresh homegrown mint plant.
I have been showing my interest in growing my own produce in a space out the back by my bedroom, a small section of the communal garden that I am making mine, well it is under my bedroom window so who really should be out there other than a few plant pots or a peeping Tom.
Not growing to much to quickly is the key and easily to grow plants can be some simple yet tasty treats right under my nose or in a more practical environment right under my bedroom window.
I have started me off with some simple herbs in a terracotta pot and so far it is looking good, a few herbs for Wayne's cooking and some mint for my healthy tea infusions.
I am just having my first fresh mint tea infusion and I have got to say it is so much better than what you get in bags, sorry tea pigs, better than what you do too.