Brand New Day, Brand New Me

Today is the start of the brand new regime I hope will motivate me to get some of this weight shifted and also to shift my body pattern so I get more out of my day.
It is really hard when you are stuck in a body cycle that every day puts its self out of sync, so I think a regular bed time and a regular regime of exercise should do it. The reason why I say this may help shift my body clock, might be due to the fact my body clock has always been set on night mode, from the many years working in the brewery trade, people do not realise running a pub is not a nine to five job. When you have been doing long silly hours for so long, even when you stop, your body clock just still runs on that time and even just simply going to bed early does not work, well it does not work for me. I tried going to bed early but I would be wide awake for about three hours after I had gone to bed, unable to sleep till the little hand past the number three.
I hope that if I feed my body right and do a regular exercise plan that my body will be so tiered by hopefully 10:30pm, I should naturally fall asleep by no later than midnight, this will still giving me plenty of time to do all my chores, website updates, blog entry's and also some quite time.
So instead of getting up late in the day, today I am up at 9:30am having breakfast and a coffee and just writing this entry as my body is shocked into the brand new me.