Broken Link

Both Wayne and myself have been collecting Pandora charms and jewellery for best part of a year now and with that we have also been introducing our friends to the collections.
The Pandora bracelets and charms are something that makes a very personal gift that can be quite individual by the way of arrangement of certain charms and also can be as extravagant or subtle as you so wish.
We have introduced Anthony into the leather bracelet range when it was his 16th birthday, Kelly's birthday and christmases have been easier to buy for.
So far to date Pandora Kingston has been our dedicated store and they have had a pretty penny or two out of us, with that in mind we have been known as exceptional customers and likewise have been treated well.
With Kingston Pandora, transactions have been pleasant and the staff there have looked after us well, even down to the point when on the odd occasion we have had to return items due to the rare occasion of a faulty charm or of recent faulty bracelet.
Today I had to return the bracelet as a fault had developed in one of the links that then affect the rest of the linkage, I guess a chain is only as good as its weakest link, never a truer word.


Matt, the manager at the Kingston branch made an easy and no fuss transaction to simply exchange it with a new bracelet as he pointed out it was something they do for exceptional customers. Normally it would be a case that they would send the product back to Pandora and await a refund before exchanging items or refunding the customer, guess being an exceptional customer has its advantages.