Shopping Trip

Today I decided to venture out and take a walk around Sainsbury's, grab a few bits of shopping and also exercise my knee. Well, I managed it but I do ache somewhat so that is it for today, no more exercises or putting it under strain. I did notice that when down in the freezer aisle my knee started to ache, that must of been the coldness from the chillers. I got another knee support and that is helping greatly, so when I do finally return to running again then I will use the knee supports to ward off against getting another injury. Oh and it has taught me to warm up, stretch, cool down and finish off with cool down stretches.
The lounge is really starting to have a sweet distinctive smell of Daffodils about it to. It is a shame that this is the only type of spring we are going to get for some time as the weather outside does not look good, it is far from my ideal running conditions to.