Look No Wires

How times change, remember the days when you could only print in dots and only in one colour?
Now all that has changed and you can now print in all manner of colours, you even get the option to add a bit of extra oomph with a touch of photo cyan or magenta. Now that has all changed again and printing has gone full tech with the ability to print with no wires, they call it wireless printing. Hey you do not even need a computer to print from these days.
Of course you know that I would not leave it there. I would be finding the solution for the next leap in printing tech. Well, I have done it now as I am the proud owner of an ‘AirPrinter’.
I dare say you are wondering what is an ‘AirPrinter’?
Simply put, it is Apple’s next-generation Wi-Fi print architecture that dramatically simplifies printing by completely eliminating printer drivers and letting you print directly from your iPad, iPhone, iPod touch and of course your Mac.
If you were thinking that because you may not own any Apple products that you would be somewhat left out, well, Apple has changed that too as they are for evermore being the company that do not leave anyone out; you too can join the party. If you are on the same network then you too can print via ‘AirPrint’ as easy as that.
Here is that very ‘proof in the pudding’.