Helping Hand

Jezz helped me on the self serve checkouts without me even having to ask, he guided me on how to use them so I can do it myself on my next visit.

Invaluable Member Of Staff

Please congratulate and pass on my sincere thanks to an invaluable member of staff, Jezz. He was very polite, friendly and offered and outstanding service that has cemented my loyalty to your store.

Special Thanks

Please give a special thank you to Jezz who went beyond his call of duty in advising me on a dish I wanted to cook for the first time.

Making My Kids Smile

Jezz took time to talk to my seven year old son to talk about his Pokemon game he was playing, asking if there was any in the store as he was collecting them too. He offered my son and daughter a free cake from the bakery. This made my children's day, the look on their faces when they saw the cakes was amazing. Jezz didn't have to do that but it was such a lovely gesture. Just wanted to let you know what a lovely man you are and thank you for making my kids smile.