Siri. What's That? Who's That?

Okay lets start off with something that has been on everyones lips, it is Siri.
The biggest selling point to the iPhone4s has been Siri, but what is Siri or as some have said, who is Siri?
Siri is your personal assistant, butler, gofer or whatever word you use for that person that lurks behind you and in front of you doing all of your mundane tasks.
What Siri does is not science fiction and it certainly is not magic, well Apple magic maybe. It is the old and still-developing technology of speech-to-text analysis and the old and fairly mature technology of simple grammatical analysis and string matching.
So if Siri is my artificial intelligent assistant, what can it do to help me?
You can get Siri to do the following listed below.

Ask for a reminder.
Ask to send a text
Ask about the weather.
Ask for information (from Yelp, Wolfram|Alpha, or Wikipedia).
Ask to set a meeting.
Ask to send an email.
Ask for a number.
Ask to set an alarm.
Ask for directions.
Ask about stocks.
Ask to set the timer.
Ask Siri about Siri.


And for a more graphic look to what Siri can do then check out Apples Siri site.
If you thought that Siri was smart with doing the above tasks, then wait until you really start to use Siri within your applications and you will soon find that Siri can go that little bit further.
Address Book has an option to customise a contact, which is in the relationship field of the contact. You can add a custom label such as “Honey Pie”, “Sweet Thing”, “Me Bitch”, “My Boyfriend”, “My Girlfriend”, “My Wife”, “My Husband”, “My Lover”, “My Mistress”, “My Slave” and so the list could goes on to indicate your whatever. Now if Siri hears you say, “Honey Pie”, “Sweet Thing”, “Me Bitch”, “My Boyfriend”, “My Girlfriend”, “My Wife”, “My Husband”, “My Lover”, “My Mistress”, “My Slave” Siri can recognise that contact and act appropriately to the command you give Siri. You could say to Siri; for example “Siri text my lover”, “tell him I am running about 15 minutes late, but I am on my way”. Siri will then confirm with you what you have said and ask you if it ok to send the text.
Siri can also just be your friend who you can have that personal one on one with that no one else can offer quite like Siri can. If you check out the website ‘Shit That Siri Says’ you will soon find some interesting ways you can speak to Siri.
It has also been noted that depending on the country you are in, Siri could be your female personal assistant or your male personal assistant. Over here in the UK we have a male personal assistant who happens to be the very talented voice artist of Jon Briggs.


Six years ago, tech journalist Jon Briggs recorded over 5,000 sentences of spoken word for Scansoft, a text-to-speech company.
To Briggs, it was just another voice acting gig, like his work for BBC Radio2, TomTom, and Garmin.
But when he heard his voice (called "Daniel" by Scansoft) in an iPhone4s Siri commercial, he knew it was his work. Sometime afterwards, Apple contacted Briggs and told him to keep quiet about being the voice of Siri in the UK. Briggs was not having any of it and told the press that he had no association with Apple. It turns out that Scansoft was purchased by Nuance, the company Apple relies on for Siri's voice recognition technology, which Apple bought out. Nuance chopped up Briggs' words into tiny "phonics," which it pieces together to create Siri's responses to your questions.
So there you have it, Siri.