Title Bar Icon

When you have a file open, such as an image in Photoshop or pixelmator or even a letter you are writing in pages or Microsoft Word, you may want to see where that file is saved or move it to another folder. In the titlebar of a window, most programs have an icon to the left of the filename (as shown below). These icons actually represent the file. If you click and hold on the icon for a moment, then drag it to a folder, your desktop, wherever, you will actually move that file! Please note that some apps work differently. For instance TextEdit makes an alias to the file instead of moving it or in Preview you will be able to Lock the file, Duplicate or see all Versions.


To locate where the file is, hold Command and click on the filename in the titlebar. As shown below, a menu will pop-up displaying the folder structure of the file’s location. Choose one of the folders to open it in the Finder. In OS Lion you can also Right-Click or Control-Click to get this menu.