Just Because It Is Stale

Do not throw out your old scones. Stale scones are great ingredients for cooked desserts and you will find below a quick guide on how to prepare something similar to bread and butter pudding dessert. Do not just follow my recipe but use it as a guide and try to understand what you do and why you do it. There are no exact quantities. To make more sense of the recipe, you need to know what scones are made of. Because they are mostly made of lots of flour and a small amount of butter and sugar (the proportion being 15g of butter and 5g of sugar for 100g of flour). So, you will need to add eggs, butter, more sugar, some flavouring (vanilla or even liqueur if you like it) and some “wetting agent” in the form of milk as the scones are stall and need moisture put back in. You can also add cream as an optional ingredient to give it a more luxury feel to it.

Cut the scones into slices and put into a dish and then cut some butter into thin slices (enough only to randomly place over the scones) and place over the scones


Add 1 egg, 30g soft brown (or white) sugar, 80-100g double cream, about 100ml-150ml milk and some vanilla essence


Push down the scones with a fork to soak up the milk mixture


Cook at 180 degrees C for 25-30 minutes


If you like almonds, add 1 or 2 tbsp of ground almond to the milk mixture. You could also add 1 or 2 tbsp of liqueur such as Rum, Brandy or your favourite tipple. You might also want to add other dried fruit such as chopped dried apricot but I prefer using just raisins myself. If you experiment and end up with something really nice, you will be very proud of your achievement. Above all have fun and be proud of yourself for not wasting those scones you may of otherwise thrown out.