Joby Gorillapod Magnetic

When it comes to taking pictures, most of the time it is pretty straight forward. Line up the shot, click the shutter, and you have got a picture. There are those out there that desire a little more creativity when it comes to the use of their cameras and are looking for items that can give them the funky shots that they want without a ton of hassle. Joby is catering to those with their Gorillapod line of tripods.


The Gorillapod lineup has a tripod for nearly anyone, from simple point and shoot owners to those with big fancy DSLR cameras with enormous lenses. But its latest creation is the Joby Gorillapod Magnetic. Adding Neodymium magnetic feet to the original Gorillapod gives it an extra layer of flexibility in where you can set up your camera, whether in a doorway or on a pole.
I use my iPhone5s camera with the addition of the Grip-tight attachment also by Joby which I find superb as I can keep my iPhone protected still in its bumper case without the need to remove it for taking those great shots., however I also own a battery case for the iPhone and that is just to deep to allow it to be held firmly in the Grip-tight attachment, well not firmly enough for my liking.


Once I set it into the position I wanted, there was no noticeable movement of the camera after I let go of it.
The legs of the Gorillapod are a bit of fun as well, wrapping them around the pipes or hanging it from a tree branch outside provided a pretty sturdy base. This tripod will probably provide more fun seeing where you can connect it and hang it from than actually shooting pictures with it.


The Gorillapod Magnetic is a small tripod, only measuring about 15cm at its tallest setting. Each leg is made from nine oval shaped pieces that allow flexibility and allow you to wrap the tripod around poles or anything similar that you may want to connect your camera to. The given weight maximum on this version is 325 grams, which is about 11.5 ounces. This covers pretty much all pocket sized cameras, phones and mini-camcorders.
The red bottom feet of the Gorillapod hold a Neodymium magnet that allows that tripod to connect to most metal surfaces. The Gorillapod can give you some funky connection choices depending on where you decide to put it. The magnets are pretty strong and do their job well and for their size it actually takes a bit of actual pulling to get it to release from a magnetic surface after it takes hold.



As much fun as the Gorillapod Magnetic was to play with connecting it to things and seeing what kind of funky places I could put my camera, the actual usability when it comes to taking pictures is really the only thing I question. Wherever you put your camera, you still have to get your hand up there to push the shutter and take the shot.


I have been using a cable release to do the job of snapping or sometimes a timer that is in many photo applications, so it does mean I can get the Gorillapod set in some places that I would not normally be able to do by simply holding the camera. The great thing about using the iPhone is that it comes with those trussed earphones that no one ever seems to use, but simply connecting them and using the volume up button will act just like one of those expensive cable releases, if not better.


The place that I can see it being useful is taking videos with your camera and as I am experimenting with Cinemagraph’s and having the camera as still as possible is vital, actually I bought the Joby Magnetic purely for that reason and the great reviews it got. If you want to take a video of a single location and want to be involved in the action, lining up the Gorillapod and letting it fly could come as a pretty useful option too.


Not only do you avoid the shaky video that comes from holding the camera with human hands, but you also can take it pretty much anywhere for some variety. You could even pull some covert stuff and hide away your camera in a hidden place with the Gorillapod and take videos without even being around if that is something you want to do.