Nespresso Pixie

As a company, Nespresso have made their coffee machines to look cool, trendy, slick and just oozing style but have followed one of the golden rules of business, “Do one thing, and do it well”. However you choose to put it, Nespresso machines have all pretty much stuck to doing one thing, make espresso! This newest addition to the Nespresso range, the Pixie, has slotted very nicely into the ‘Have a tiny espresso machine, will travel’ niche.


The footprint of this machine is just tiny. You can take this unit to the office, the work shed, the college recreational room, the toilet, hey even the bedroom, the options are endless! Yet it still somehow manages to pack in a walloping 19 bars of pump pressure, and heats up in just 25 seconds. It has two programmable brew size buttons, which can also be manually overridden, has an auto off feature, and a foldaway drip tray if you want to use a larger mug.
As far as ‘bells and whistles’ goes and other than a warning light that flashes when your water is low, or your coffee capsule bin is full, that is about it. The Pixie keeps things very simple, and that I believe is a huge advantage!
For all you cappuccino or latte fanatics out there, the Pixie works really well with the Nespresso Aeroccino, the unit that makes pretty decent milk froth and also heats the milk at the same time. For all those that love a nice iced coffee or a frappuccino then the Aeroccino also has a cold setting too.


For those that need a tech spec of this wonderful stylish machine then see below.

Absolutely tiny espresso pod maker measuring 12.8 x 4.3 x 9.2 inches
Comes in 6 color choices and 2 different finishes
Works exclusively with Nespresso coffee capsules
19 Bars of pressure for the creamiest espresso crema
Thermoblock heating system that dramatically reduces heating time to just 25 seconds
Improved internal system means the Pixie needs to be de-scaled 3 times less than standard machines
Choose from Espresso or Lungo size
Manual override of brew sizes
24 oz. water reservoir
Foldable drip tray to accommodate larger mug sizes
Auto power off after 9 minutes
Warning lights for ‘low water’ or ‘full capsule bin’

Nespresso gets a lot of flack from some people due to the expensive price, small variety of Nespresso coffee capsules, and having to buy your capsules through Nespresso, however I have to disagree. I find Nespresso machines some of the highest quality, best designed and beautiful coffee machines on the market. Yes, they are a bit more expensive than some, but if they produce a good consistent product, with little fuss and look great doing it, is not that worth a little more? Also, I do not find that the selection of coffee capsules is prohibitive.
Honestly, how many styles of espresso do you need?